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Pricing and Features

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  • Relo

    "Relo" helps Immigrants with relocation data. Empowering decisions on where to Immigrate to
    Free Plan
    • Multilingual AI
    • Global Immigration Data
    • Industries
    • Visa wait times
  • Asylum Seekers

    Helping you through the form I589 and finding a lawyer
    • Access to essential data AI tools
    • Limited data processing capacity
    • Basic customer support
  • Popular

    Legal Aid

    Every month
    Designed for Legal Aid Organizations
     7 day free trial
    • Serve More Asylum Seekers Efficiently
    • Spend Less Time Gathering Data
    • Multilingual Translation
    • Case Management
    • CRM
  • Lawyers

    Every month
    Tailored for large enterprises and organizations
     7 day free trial
    • Find Leads
    • Spend Less Time Gathering Data
    • MultiLingual Translation
    • Forms
    • CRM
    • Salesforce Intergration
  • Law School Student

    Every month
    Start Using Cutting Edge Technology
    • Legal Research
    • Collaborate with Legal Aid Organizations
    • Find Possible Employer
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