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Bridging Gaps in Immigration Law: JustiGuide’s Innovative Approach


In response to the challenges highlighted by Stanford HAI about AI 'hallucinations' in legal tech, JustiGuide has pioneered a solution focusing first on asylum aid, with plans to expand to comprehensive immigration workflows.

Innovative Translation Services

Understanding the barriers of language and stigma in immigration, JustiGuide has developed a translation feature for immigration-related questions. This service is vital for non-native English speakers and those who may feel overwhelmed by the legal process.

Empathetic and Accurate Legal Assistance

Our Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) pipeline, initially focused on asylum law, ensures accuracy in legal advice. It cross-references user queries with a vast, reliable legal database, addressing the unique challenges faced by asylum seekers.

Expansion Vision

While we started with asylum law, our goal is to encompass all aspects of immigration law. JustiGuide is committed to breaking down barriers, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or language, can navigate the complexities of immigration processes with confidence and dignity.


JustiGuide is more than a legal tech platform; it's a beacon of hope and reliability in the often daunting world of immigration law. We're here to make a difference, one accurate translation and empathetic interaction at a time.

To understand more about AI 'hallucinations' in legal tech, you can read the Stanford HAI article here.

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